Diana Danieli Home has been working in interior design and production of furniture according to individual projects for more than 20 years.

For the last two years, the company has been developing and introducing its own line of furniture to the market. This line of cabinet and upholstered furniture. The design is determined by leading trends and world trends.
At the disposal of Diana Danieli Home there are two factories. One factory deals with woodworking, starting with the purchase of solid wood and goes through all phases of joinery. It produces beautiful, high quality, and most importantly - functional furniture. These are both free-standing items (tables, chairs, carved chairs, desks and chests of drawers) and entire compositions (living rooms with fireplace group, kitchens, dressing rooms and laundry rooms).

The upholstered furniture factory differs in that it includes both professional carpenters, painters, as well as designers and seamstresses. Upholstered furniture is produced both according to individual projects and as standard products from our line. Masters of our factories work with valuable species of wood, processing it by hand. Coloring of furniture frames is possible absolutely any - from the usual enamel, toning and potassium, silver and gold. Materials for upholstered furniture are carefully selected, tested and offered only high quality. So, among the available materials - natural nubuck, high quality leather, silk, cotton, as well as unique blended fabrics.

One of the workshops in our factory is fully equipped for sewing textiles, such as bedspreads, decorative pillows and curtains. Services: delivery of measurement, selection and calculation of fabrics (any price range), installation of curtain rods, sewing and hanging curtains.
The company pays great attention to product quality, which begins with the selection of materials for their manufacture. And masters of our factories are trained and constantly improving their work.
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